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Our Shows

We're Back!! After a 7 year hiatus...Improvanopolis has returned to the land of the Merlion to shed a tear of joy with ya'll! 

Through a series of short-form improv games, our ensemble will keep you interjecting, intrigued, and in-stitches for the entire show. Come by and be part of something unique, so stop by Improvanopolis and have a laugh on us.

Featuring professional improv performing artistes from around the globe: Australia, Los Angeles, Malaysia, New York, New Zealand, & Singapore. 

William "Bill" Landsman

Head Improv Guy

Bill loves Improv. Ever since he first took a course back in 2003, he has been organising improv get togethers...gatherings, groups, shows, classes, intensives...you name it. He has been trained as a classical actor, so you will not only get the fundamentals of improv, you will learn about stage presence and how to create compelling scenes from the get go. More about Bill.

bill at improvanopolis

Our Classes

Over the last 15 years and countless hours of rehearsing and performing improv, Bill has developed his own simplified method to help you find that "flow" state where no matter what you do, you make truthful choices on stage.
We'll lay down new neural pathways that help you be more relaxed even in a heightened state. 

Try something that scares the hell out of you!

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