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A simple method of improv training, we go from fundamentals to creating a show and ongoing scene work...possibly joining our in house team! We are excited to have you in class. 

Improv "Appetizer"

Learn improv from the pro's! Our next class is June 10th at 7:30-9:30 pm Singapore Time.

Click on the link below and email us for payment , class and ZOOM details. 

Our Classes

We offer a variety of classes from the beginner to the experienced improvisor that wants to keep growing. Our method gets you ready for the stage or if you are just doing it for your own personal development we can help you achieve your goals.

Start with LAYER 1 & take your time (looking to see what its all about?...try our 2 Day Workshops) to create a solid foundation, meet other individuals that you enjoy working with. 

LAYER 5: Master Classes - COMING SOON!

These classes can help you where you may have weaknesses, i.e. stage presence, physicality, voice projection, character work, etc. 

LAYER 4: Long Form Improv - COMING SOON!

Once you've developed a solid foundation of performance, we will beginning to look at the structures of common long form themes. 

LAYER 3: Focused Scene Study - COMING SOON!

This is where we really start to break down scenes and the structure of higher level story telling on your feet. A final performance will follow. 

LAYER 2: Improv For Performance - Learn More!

This is where we start to develop a show based on short-form games. At the end you will perform for a live audience of your friends and family. 

LAYER 1: Foundations of Improv - Learn More!

This is where it all begins...don't skimp here, if you develop a solid foundation your improv skills you will be on the right track. 

Want to keep updated on future classes?

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