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A simple method of training to be more spontaneous on stage, in life, or the office presentation.

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LAYER 1: Foundations of Improv

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The Class

This is the base layer. The training is focused develop your understanding of at being a performer first...stage awareness, and the fundamentals of improv. This is the foundation upon which everything else will rest. If you speed through the basic knowledge of the principles of stage craft, voice, your will have a long row to hoe to get back on track. Take your time and create a solid foundation. 

Improve and Work on Your:
Listening Skills
Stage Presence
Creating compelling scenes
Find your own "Eclectic Bison"
Being a team player
Vocal Projection

Course Details:

Week 1: Relaxation, Voice, Ensemble
Week 2: Stage Presence, Movement, "Yes, and"
Week 3: Introduce: Focus, Listen, Gift 
Week 4: Imagination, Space Work
Week 5: Characterisation
Week 6: Story, How to find a solid Beginning, Middle, and End to a scene. 

Class size kept to 14 maximum.

If this has been something you have always wanted to do, don't over think it, be ready to "suck", take action and say "yes, and..."

Who: You
What: 6 Week - "Foundations of Improv"
When: Tuesday's beginning June 25 - July 30
Where: TBD - Near Rochor MRT
Why: Take a risk!
How Much: $400 (Discounts Available)

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